The Naked Cake Pop

Say hi to The Naked Cake Pop

There is no such thing as failure or at least it depends on how you look at the situation…

Here is my story all about how my cake making attempt flipped upside down (LOL).

I attempted to bake a cake but even with following the recipe to the letter, it didn’t cook through and I only noticed it when i wanted to decorate my cake. What a bummer that was!

I then left to do some order deliveries and when I came back I decided to pop that moist guy back into the oven for 5-10 minutes, however, I didn’t want to dry out the entire cake and after taking it out again and it STILL being too moist, I decided to rather leave it as is which was still edible and oh soooooooo yummy.

Then I got this amazing 💡idea that I am going to make cake pops! It should be easy enough right? Hahahahaha (NO) to my surprise that flopped too. But I was not about to be discouraged by this! I continued to put my toppings on and after the chocolate set, it looked so cute and was even more delicious. I then decided to call it The Naked Cake Pop.

All I can say is that was a Win Win Win for me and anyone else that tasted these AMAZING Naked Cake Pops.

Lesson for me here was that:
There is success in every failure if you are willing to be resilient and keep moving forward