The Boss Babe


This fragrance gets its bright burst from the essential oils of perfectly sweet, perfectly bitter grapefruit peels and an entourage of hints of lime. The citrus medley boldly announces its arrival and opens the door for their more subdued, delicate herbal companion, Rosemary, for an unlikely but satisfyingly uplifting and refreshing combination.

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The classic glass candle is perfect for burning your favorite fragrance on a regular basis. Using fragrance-grade fragrance oils and 100 % natural soy wax, each candle is hand blended and poured. A clean, even burn & impressive scent throw is guaranteed. This 150 g candle provides up to 50 hours of splendor, fragrant burn time.

Did you know that you can use your soy wax candle as a massage lotion?

Just light the candle and wait for 10-20 minutes for melting poolBlow out the candle, dip the fingers in the oil or drip onto the body then add directly to the skin. Alternatively, iyou choose not to burn your candle, scoop out little with spoon or your finger and rub it directly on your skin.



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